Author: Swim Clear

Spring Filter Cleans

We hope your enjoying the beautiful Spring weather. It is time to start getting ready for swimming season. If you are following our schedule, it is time for your six month filter clean. Find great information on these two posts "Are my DE Filter grids...


Salt System with an EASY Installation

Have you been looking to convert your swimming pool to a salt water pool. Swim Clear Pool Supply brings you the the world’s first DIY Salt Water Sanitation System: the Jandy® AquaPure® EiTM, a compact, self-contained system. This is by far the easiest salt system...


Warmer Weather, Pool Opening Time?

Finally past the freezing temperatures “we hope” and into some warm weather, it time to start thinking about routine Spring maintenance/start-ups. It is always a good idea to start early so you can enjoy your swimming pool when the time is right. Eight steps to help...


Tired of Dirty Spas and Corners?

Some common question swimming pool owners ask about their swimming pool/spa is "What is an easy way to clean the spa?" or " My pool cleaner does a good job but it always misses the steps or one particular corner, is there an easy way...


How Cold Weather Effects Swimming Pools (Part 2)

Freezing temperatures and non-circulating swimming pools is a bad combination. One of the most common problems found with freeze guards is that the thermostat is not registering the freezing temps or that the thermostat is registering incorrectly. Either way if it is below freezing and...


How Cold Weather Effects Swimming Pools (Part 1)

As the cold winter blast hits North Texas, pool owners should be aware of the effects on the swimming pool equipment. As the water temperature drops salt systems are impacted. You may have already noticed your salt system say something like "chlorinator off, low temp."...