Pool Tips

Is Brushing Important (Part 2)

The previous post stressed the importance of brushing the pool, but with the all the different types of brushes, which one is right for you? There are three main different types of brushes, nylon, wire, and nylon/wire mix. Then to decide whether 6 inch, 12...


Is brushing important? (Part 1)

It's Summer time, your busy doing this and that and you get home just got the leaves out and gave your swimming pool a good vacuum. The maintenance is over and it's time to enjoy your pool right? Did you know that 5 more maintenance...


DE Filter Tip #2

Question. How often should I backwash my DE filter? Answer. Once per month or if your filter pressure rises 5 to 10 PSI from its clean starting pressure. Clean starting pressure is the pressure when your filter is brand new or completely cleaned out....


DE Filter tip #1

One of the most common things I come across when doing a DE filter clean is a build up of DE powder clogging up the filter causing potential damage to your filter. This is caused by 1. Adding too much DE (Always refer to owners...


10 steps to maintain your swimming pool

Just like your car, house, or pet Bengal tiger routine care/maintenance can save you time and money on swimming pool. Here are 10 steps to make pool care easy. 1. Start off by brushing your pool walls and tiles. This should be done weekly to prevent...


Swimming pools and Freezing temperatures

Winter has hit North Texas and temperatures are dropping below the freezing point is there anything I need to do? This is a common question and whether you are a do it your self-pool owner or use a maintenance company there are a few thing...