It’s only July and my pool is as hot as a bath tub!

Hot dry weather turning that cool oasis in your back yard into an uncomfortable outdoor bath tub? Swim Clear Pool Supply has the affordable answer. The Glacier Pool Coolers are the perfect answer to uncomfortably warm swimming pools. Our swimming pool chiller is designed to solve...


The New MX8 by Baracuda

Swim Clear Pool Supply brings you the newest most technologically advanced suction cleaner available for residential pools. Now for a limited time with a $100 rebate. Combat debris with the Baracuda® MX™8, the high-performance suction pool cleaning robot that cleans faster and more aggressively than any...


Salt System with an EASY Installation

Have you been looking to convert your swimming pool to a salt water pool. Swim Clear Pool Supply brings you the the world’s first DIY Salt Water Sanitation System: the Jandy® AquaPure® EiTM, a compact, self-contained system. This is by far the easiest salt system...


Tired of Dirty Spas and Corners?

Some common question swimming pool owners ask about their swimming pool/spa is "What is an easy way to clean the spa?" or " My pool cleaner does a good job but it always misses the steps or one particular corner, is there an easy way...


Is Your Swimming Pool Ready for Spring?

Spring, it is getting closer believe it or not. Which means it is time to start getting those pools ready. Now that your pool cleaner has taken a beating with fall and the cold temperatures, it's time to repair, rebuild or possibly replace.   We see many...


Automatic Pool Cleaners

If you have a swimming pool and you have ever had to manually clean the pool by brushing and vacuuming it, you know how much work and time consumption it can be. This chore can be pushed off to the kids (if you have them),...