Spring Filter Cleans

We hope your enjoying the beautiful Spring weather. It is time to start getting ready for swimming season. If you are following our schedule, it is time for your six month filter clean. Find great information on these two posts "Are my DE Filter grids...



Getting ready to battle with the Fall leaves in your swimming pool? The best way to make this Fall less of a leaf-ache is to be prepared. Of course the the best thing to do would be to cover the pool. As we spoke in...


Time to Think About Covering the Swimming Pool

It is hard to believe but fall is right around the corner. Which means the falling of leaves and seeds is almost here. This year why not save the hassle of netting the leaves and acorns and Cover your swimming pool. Visit our previous blogs...


Salt Systems….What are they?

One of the most popular pool systems out right now is the salt system or chlorine generators. Many questions are raised as to the system and how it is used:     What is a salt system?   Salt systems are generators that electronically make pure chlorine from salt added...


Water Chemistry

The importance of maintaining water chemistry goes without say. Improperly maintained water chemistry can be a costly problem that if not corrected in a timely manor can lead to algae issues or worst yet, damage to your swimming pool equipment of swimming pool surface. Click...


Diatomaceous Earth D.E as a bug killer?

There are many posts on the world wide internet that discuss the topic of bug killers and the use of D.E. to do so. One thing not very publicized in those discussions is the understanding that swimming pool D.E. is a different grade than a...