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How Cold Weather Effects Swimming Pools (Part 2)

Freezing temperatures and non-circulating swimming pools is a bad combination. One of the most common problems found with freeze guards is that the thermostat is not registering the freezing temps or that the thermostat is registering incorrectly. Either way if it is below freezing and...


How Cold Weather Effects Swimming Pools (Part 1)

As the cold winter blast hits North Texas, pool owners should be aware of the effects on the swimming pool equipment. As the water temperature drops salt systems are impacted. You may have already noticed your salt system say something like "chlorinator off, low temp."...



Getting ready to battle with the Fall leaves in your swimming pool? The best way to make this Fall less of a leaf-ache is to be prepared. Of course the the best thing to do would be to cover the pool. As we spoke in...


Time to Think About Covering the Swimming Pool

It is hard to believe but fall is right around the corner. Which means the falling of leaves and seeds is almost here. This year why not save the hassle of netting the leaves and acorns and Cover your swimming pool. Visit our previous blogs...


September Filter Cleans

  Keep your swimming pool crystal clear and have your filter last longer by doing the proper maintenance on your Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) filter. At Swim Clear Pool Supply we follow the manufactures recommendation of performing filter cleans every six months. It is now time for...


Swimming Pool Leak or Normal Water Loss?

With 100-degree temperatures water loss in a swimming pool is inevitable. However, are you loosing water due to evaporation or a leak? A typical pool will loose about a 1/4 inch of water a day due to evaporation. Other factors that can play a role in...