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Is My Cartridge Filter(s) in Need of Replacing?

Now that fall season is upon us, it is time to do those semi-annual filter cleans to get ready for the winter months. If you have a cartridge filter, it is time to inspect those cartridges to determine if they are O.K. to reinstall, or...


Choosing the Right Winter Cover – Mesh Cover

Choosing the right swimming pool winter cover is important. Having a firm grasp of what the differences are in each type of winter cover is what this swimming pool help blog aims to give you. There are three main different types of winter covers. Mesh, Solid...


Are my DE Filter grids in need of replacement?

If you are following this blog and you performed the filter clean in September or whenever you do your DE filter clean, one question you might have is. Are my DE filter grids in need of replacement? There are a few indicators that can tell...


Check those Timers

Now that Fall and the cooler temperatures are here, this is the perfect time to check your timers to ensure they are functioning properly and running only as long as needed. You can go back in this blog and look up "How long should my...


Time For Automatic Pool Cleaner Leaf Bags

Now that fall in upon us, it is time to switch your automatic pool cleaner bag from the fine mesh to the leaf version bag. The leaf version bag is tough and built to handle all the leaves and twigs that tend to fall into...