Just like your car, house, or pet Bengal tiger routine care/maintenance can save you time and money on swimming pool. Here are 10 steps to make pool care easy.

1. Start off by brushing your pool walls and tiles. This should be done weekly to prevent dirt and algae build up.

2. Skim the surface to clear any floating debris.

3. Empty your skimmer baskets, pump basket and pool cleaner bag if you have one. Do this weekly or more if needed. Full baskets can cause strain on your pump potentially damaging your pool equipment.

4. Vacuum any debris weekly. (Even if you have an automatic pool cleaner) Certain pool cleaners will not catch the fine sediment.

5. Test the chemical balance for chlorine and PH at least once every other day. Check Alkalinity once a week. Take a water sample to a swimming pool professional at least once a month for a full test.

6. Adjust your chemicals as needed.

7. Maintain your water level. This is important for two reasons. If water level is to low your pump may run dry causing damage. If water level is to high your skimmers will not work properly.

8. Check your filter pressure. Backwash or clean your filter as needed or at least once per month.

9. Check for leaks. Weather water on the ground under your pool equipment or air bubbles coming out of the jets in the pool either can be bad new and should be checked out quickly.

10. This last step is the MOST important. Enjoy your Swimming Pool!!!