Global warming really takes its hold on Dallas with for straight days of below freezing temperatures and more snow/ice then we have seen in a while. Ha Ha. Here are 5 steps to protect your swimming pool and pool equipment from freezing weather.


As long as your swimming pool equipment IS operating properly follow these 5 steps.


1. At all cost leave pool pump running (The freeze guard should do this for you)


2. Maintain proper water level in pool. It is a good idea to leave the garden hose in the garage so that it is needed to fill the pool the hose is not frozen over. Auto water levelers can freeze over in these conditions so do not take the water level for granted.


3. Open all lines so water may move freely through the pipes. Some valves may be open less than others to prevent higher flows such as water falls and fountains. Spa suction should only be turned on enough to allow some flow, ensure that there is more water flowing into the spa than being pulled out otherwise you may drain the spa. Remember is a valve is shut, no water will be moving and that line now has a possibility of freezing. (Note, fountains being left on may over spray the deck, or freeze on the rocks. Not only does this present a dangerous slipping potential but it also removes water from the pool.)


4. Ensure proper water flow. Even though it is painfully cold to stick the hand in the water, your skimmer baskets and pump basket must remain free and clear.


5. It is not a bad idea to insulate the pipes. Even though there is water moving through the pipes, insulating them protect the pipes if something happens to the pump and it shuts down.


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