A second Winter blast hits North Texas in less than two weeks. The pool equipment for most of this time has been running nonstop as temperatures have been struggling to get above freezing during this cold spell. This amount of run time places a tremendous amount of stress on the equipment. So what happens if the pool equipment shuts down while its below freezing for any reason? If no action is taken, a large and costly amount of freeze damage can occur. Below are 5 steps to prevent freeze damage should the pool equipment fail at any time during freezing temperature.

1. Ensure mail power is turned off either through the breaker or main kill switch. This is done because if the pool equipment turns on after the following steps are performed, additional damage can occur through the pump running dry.

2. Open lids to pool pump(s), chlorinator, or any items with removable lids excluding filter. It is a good idea to keep lids slightly on to prevent anything getting in them.

3. Open any air relief valves.

4. Remove all drain plugs. This includes all pumps (most pumps have 2 plugs), booster pump, filter, heater, etc.

5. Covering the equipment with a blanket is not necessary however a good idea.

Note, before pool equipment can be operational again, all plugs must be re-installed, lids tightened and pump re primed with water.

Swim Clear Pool Service is also available for addition questions.