As fall approaches us, those of us pool owners know what fall is for a pool with trees around it. If you are trying to get past that fall leaf season, a quality leaf bagger is the right equipment to have. A leaf bagger is a device which attaches to a garden hose, as well as your telepole. When the garden hose is turned on, the leaf bagger creates a venturi suction into a bag attachment. Leaf baggers are for an above-ground pool with brushes under the unit, or for the above-ground unit, it has wheels for easy movement. As you move the device around the pool, it easily picks up any leaf on the surface of the pool. Once the bag is full of leaves, just empty the bag and reattach back onto the bagger for more leaf pick-up. This device will easily make the leaf pick-up in pools quick and less stressful. So, if you are a pool owner with trees around your pool, then the leaf bagger is the right pool equipment to have.