The skimmer and pump are an important part of your pool water’s circulation and cleaning system. The skimmer is the device built under the deck of the pool next to the sidewall at the tile and water-line. A large, square opening about 10 to 12 inches in length opens to the inside of your pool to allow pool water to flow from the water’s surface to the pump and filter. Inside the square opening is a collection basket, or skimmer basket, which catches large dirt and debris such as sticks, grass, leaves, bugs, and etc. that have been pulled from the surface of the pool’s water by the pump. Smaller dirt and debris may pass the skimmer basket to another collection basket at the pump called the stainer or pump basket. This basket is built into the pool pump. It has a clear see-through lid to see if the basket needs cleaning.
Swim Clear Pool Supply recommends that the pool skimmer basket and the pool pump basket should be checked on a weekly basis, especially in the fall and winter seasons due to excess falling of leaves and twigs. If you live where there are windy conditions, you may want to check those baskets daily or every other day. Failure to clean these baskets will result in basket damage and possibly damage to the pool pump or the pool filter.