Swim Clear Pool Supply is your provider for swimming pool filters! We carry reliable brands such as Jandy, Pentair FNS and Hayward Pro Grid. Want the highest clarity?  Go for the Diatomaceous filters.

The Jandy DEV Diatomaceous Earth is one of our selection of pool filters. Diatomaceous Earth traps debris as small as 5 microns, returning highly filtered water to your pool. This high-performance, eco-friendly filter will fit wherever any Cartridge Filter would and includes a pressure gauge making it easy to know exactly when to backwash. The DEV Diatomaceous Earth also includes a clean/dirty indicator on the pressure gauge which allows you to know exactly when to clean the filter for optimal filtration and water savings. Well suited for applications with both Salt and Chlorine pools, the Jandy DEV Diatomaceous Earth is designed to operate with unbeatable  performance for the cleanest and softest pools.

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