Leaf net covers lay on top of your swimming pool to catch the leaves that would otherwise fall into your pool sometimes causing surface stains. The leaf net’s mesh traps the leaves, and allow the pool owner to easily remove them from atop the pool so spring clean-up is a snap. A must for the pool owner living in wooded areas, or yards with plenty of falling leaves and twigs. The leaf net catches all leaves and debris, so the work of winter pool skimming is eliminated. You can use the leaf net cover also over you winter cover to catch leaves, but allow water to pass through. Once the leaves have all fallen, simply remove the leaf net cover before the first snowfall to make for easy spring clean-up for those that live in northern states.
The leaf net covers come in round, oval, or rectangular shapes. The round and oval covers (for above-ground pools) usually have 3 feet of overlap and come with pull rope or cable. The inground rectangular nets have 4 feet of overlap. The overlap allows for the use of waterbags to hold down the covers. Air pillows are recommended also, to keep the net above the pool water level once the leaves have collected on top of the leaf net.
Swim Clear Pool Supply has the leaf nets, waterbags, and air pillows needed to get your pool ready for those falling leaves.