Choosing the right swimming pool winter cover is important. Having a firm grasp of what the differences are in each type of winter cover is what this swimming pool help blog aims to give you.
There are three main different types of winter covers. Mesh, Solid and Leaf. Most of these covers then have a difference of years in warranty. Obviously, the longer the warranty the longer the cover should last. So what are the differences with the different types of covers? Let’s start with the Mesh Swimming Pool Winter Cover.
Mesh winter covers are designed to do several things. Naturally they are designed to keep the leaves and debris out, but unlike a solid cover, the tightly woven mesh will slowly allow water to pass through keeping the leaves and debris on top of the cover. What does this mean to the swimming pool owner? No longer will you have to waste the time and money of pumping the cover off each time it rains. Because the mesh is tightly woven, when it rains you may see puddles on top the cover, but never fear, give it some time and as long as the mesh cover is installed properly the cover will slowly rise to the top once more. Keep in mind that since the cover will allow rain water to pass through, there will be a slightly larger demand for chemical use.

Installation and take down is relatively the same as a solid winter cover. Water tubes or tie downs are required to hold the mesh winter cover in place. And multiple sizes are available to fit most size in-ground or above ground swimming pools. You can find all winter needs at Swim Clear Pool Supply.