There are many reasons to cover a pool. It could be for winterizing, covering during the cooler non-swimming months, keeping debris out of the pool, or for extending the swim season to keep in heat. Whatever the reasons are for covering a pool, solid pool covers are the most commonly used types of pool covers for the off-season. The covers are mostly made of polyethylene, but can also be made of vinyl. The vinyl covers are more expensive but tend to last a bit longer than the polyethylene. However, the polyethylene covers are much lighter and is used more often because of both the weight and the price.


The light weight poly covers are a good choice for the “do-it-yourself” pool owner because of the ease of movement and storage. The covers are held in place by placing water tubes around the perimeter of the pool. Swim Clear Pool Supply has solid pool covers you are looking for to cover your pool for the fall and winter months.