You are back-washing when and how you are supposed to, that’s it right?

Not exactly… Your filter should be completely taken apart and rinsed out every six months. This does not mean just pop the top and spray water over the grids like some service companies do. Giving your swimming pool filter a full wash out is extremely beneficial and will extend the life of your swimming pool filter. This takes pulling the grid assembly out of the filter, disassembling it and rinsing the grids one by one.

Be careful not to use too high of pressure. Use of a pressure washer or taking the grids to a car wash, while they appear cleaner, is actually harmful to the grid and in most cases will tear a hole ensuring a need of replacement.

While you have your swimming pool filter apart and grids cleaned off thoroughly check each grid for holes in the fabric or broken veins. Nothing is worst than going through all this labor, putting the swimming pool filter back together than seeing DE jet into the pool.

Is this your first time to clean your swimming pool filter out? I strongly recommend having a service company come out so you can see how it is done. Not that you would not be capable, on the contrary, there are just many time saving tips to be seen. My company here in Dallas Swim Clear Pool Service is ready to support the North Texas needs.