Hard Freeze Hits Dallas…Hopefully the freeze guard has kept the pool running. Now Texas is in an electricity usage emergency and has begun rolling black outs. So what is the potential for the average swimming pool? Unfortunately a lot of damage. The important thing is to keep the pool running as much as you can to keep the circulation going.
During a rolling blackout, power outage, or even a pump going out, it will not take long in freezing temperatures for damage to occur. If you know for sure the power is not coming on for longer than an hour or the pump is dead, pull out all the drain plugs on all equipment including the pump, filter, booster pump, and heater. Open any lids like the chlorinator lid or air reliefs to allow proper drainage. If possible, cover all the equipment with a blanket (only if the system is not going to turn on).
So what is the potential damage even if the pump is running. Many pools are designed in such a way that not all the plumbing lines are used at the same time such as a spa line, fountain line, or even a fountain pump. Just because they are not being used does not mean that they are not full of water. During these long sustained freezes, these plumbing lines are very susceptible to freeze damage. The initial prevention is to allow water flow through all the lines (open all the valves). Please note, if it has been freezing for some time already, it may be too late to open the lines. In fact, you might do more harm than good opening the lines after it has been freezing. In the event you notice cracked piping, do not turn the swimming pool pump off if it is still running. The freeze damage will most likely be isolated to the pipes that did not have water running through them so keeping the rest of the pool running is still a priority.
So whats to be done if you have cracked plumbing? As much prevention as mentioned above first, then once we thaw out, call your swimming pool professionals. As always Swim Clear Pool Service is here for you in the North Dallas, Frisco, McKinney and surrounding areas.