Saving money seems to be one of the largest topics lately and reducing energy consumption is an easy way to save money. Have you noticed how your electric bill jumps way up during the summer? It’s not only because you are running your air conditioner more. You might not realize this but a typical swimming pool pump can run $200-$300 per month and sometimes more during the summer.

So how can you cut back on that bill? The answer is simple. Only run your swimming pool pump as long as it needs to run.

How long do I run the pump you ask. Because the answer to that question is going to be different for every pool due to the vast number of variables such as exposure to sunlight, the temperature, usage, amount of debris getting in the pool, etc. I will try to make the answer more general. Regulations, at least in Texas, require that a Swimming pool turns over (the entire volume of water goes through the filter) every 8 hrs. Commercial is a bit more strict requiring a 6 hr turnover. That said your pool builder should have put in a system that could do this.
So what does this mean to you? During the summer or while your pool is in use a good bench mark is 8 hrs.
Much more to come on this as we have just tipped the iceberg and have not even gotten to the meat.