swimming pigSee what happens to you when you do not check your water chemistry!!!

Normally the first thing that comes to mind with improperly balanced swimming pool water is algae. And rightfully so, which obviously impacts the pocket book trying to treat the algae.

How much did you spend on the last algae treatment?

Improperly kept water chemistry can affect you another way a you may not even notice. As the heat rises so does the chemical usage but here is a helpful tip, have all the chemical levels tested and balance them. A good example of how it can cost you is seen most often in salt water pools. Unlike using tablet chlorine which adds a “top off” of cyanuric acid (Stabilizer) with each tablet, in a salt unless you are subsidising with more stabilizer then the level will drop. With a lack of an adequate amount of stabilizer the chlorine in the swimming pool burns out faster thus the more need for chlorine, thus the burning sensation in the pocket book.