It’s Summer time, your busy doing this and that and you get home just got the leaves out and gave your swimming pool a good vacuum. The maintenance is over and it’s time to enjoy your pool right? Did you know that 5 more maintenance minutes once a week could save you time and money?

The brushing of a pool does many things. First remember, when brushing for just routine maintenance, use a nylon brush only which will prevent damage to the pools surface. So the pool looks clean why do I need to brush? Believe it or not, brushing your pool on a weekly basis will save you time and money by preventing algae from taking hold in your pool and will also increase stain prevention. As your pool gets older the surface starts to deteriorate. What? The pool is not going to last forever? Over time plaster, concrete and even fiberglass pools develop pitting or tiny crevices where algae loves to set and grow. Brushing helps to clean these pits out and prevent algae and stains saving you the cost of time and money of treating your pool for algae or stains.

To be discussed more later, yes the tail scrubber on your pool cleaners tail is important for the same reasons and you should keep it on. No, it does not replace brushing your pool weekly.