The previous post stressed the importance of brushing the pool, but with the all the different types of brushes, which one is right for you? There are three main different types of brushes, nylon, wire, and nylon/wire mix. Then to decide whether 6 inch, 12 inch, 24 inch, etc.


Beginning with Nylon brushes, used for all routine or weekly brushing. Nylon can be used on all swimming pool surfaces and for vinyl lined pools should be the sole choice. With the soft bristles and being the least abrasive on the pool surface, the nylon brush is still a very effective tool for cleaning dirt, debris and preventing algae.


Wire brushes are the most abrasive making them extremely effective on tough stains and stuck-on algae. Not to be used for a routine brush as the wire brush can cause damage to the pool surface. Not to be used on vinyl line pools


Nylon/wire mix is exactly what you might think, stiffer than the solid nylon brushes yet softer than the solid wire. Still great for stains and algae, the nylon/wire bush can be used more often than the solid wire brushes being less abrasive on the swimming pool surface. Not recommended for vinyl lined pools.


Finally, how to choose the size of the brush. The obvious thought is the smaller the brush,the easier it is to get into tight spots. While that thought is true, the other common thought is that the larger the brush, the faster you can brush the pool. Watch out for this myth. We have seen many customers buy the larger 20″ plus brushes only to return and also buy the standard 18″ brush. The most common reasons are that the larger brushes are more difficult to maneuver and not as effective.
Regardless of which brush or size you need you can have it sent to your door at Swim Clear Pool Supply.