36841fb9570b862fc03bfc0c3e691d9eThere are alot of pet owner who also own swimming pools, and there always arises the question of… Is it safe to allow your pet to drink the pool water?

It is recommended that you pet owners limit the amount of pool water intake of your family pet. The chemicals used to maintain proper pool balance is not good for regular drinking for not only pets, but humans as well. Keep as much fresh water outside as possible to limit the pool water drinking. If you pet is free to travel in and out of the house, then keep just as much fresh water inside as outside of the home for your pet to drink.

Vets have said that too much intake of chlorinated water will destroy the good bacteria in pets that helps with digestion, which will cause them to get sick. Watch your pets closely if in fact he/she is drinking out of the pool regularly, as it could cause consistent diarrhea, constipation, and even vomiting.

If at all possible, try to prevent your pets from drinking your pool water, so the possibility of future health problems can not occur.