Now that fall season is upon us, it is time to do those semi-annual filter cleans to get ready for the winter months. If you have a cartridge filter, it is time to inspect those cartridges to determine if they are O.K. to reinstall, or to just replace. When cleaning those cartridges, if it doesn’t seem to be getting clean and looks just as dirty as before you cleaned, then that cartridge needs replacing. Also, if any of the bands that wrap around the paper make-up of the cartridges are broken, then the cartridge needs replacing. Lastly, if the cartridge has somewhat collapsed in height, then it definitely needs replacing. Inspecting the cartridges is recommended once a month depending on how much dirt and debris accumulates in the pool. This will vary from pool to pool. A great way to clean your cartridge(s) is with a water wand cartridge cleaner.