It’s lubricant, go for the cheap stuff it’s all the same in fact you have some Vaseline, just use that right?
Not good advice at all. So what is the difference, first just to clear the air Vaseline will dry rot your o-rings and if used with certain types of valves can cause for costly repairs. So now that that has been cleared up, why use swimming pool lubricant over other lubricants? To make it simple, it’s a swimming pool, use swimming pool lubricant. You would not use a paint to paint metal that was made for painting wood, it would not stick. Similar to that analogy, swimming pool lubricants such as Magic Lube I (Teflon based) and Magic Lube II (Silicone based) are chemical resistant where many others are not.
So now that you are going to stick to swimming pool lubricants why pay twice as much for silicone lubricant over the Teflon lubricant? Both lubricants are chemical resistant and compatible with most metals, rubbers and plastics. An easy way to look at it is the silicone lubricant is for more adverse conditions (moving valves, chlorinator lid o-rings, pump lid o-rings etc.). That said many service techs use the silicone lubricant exclusively as a preferred item.
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