Now that the swim season is almost here, it is not only time to get those pools, equipment, cleaners, and cleaning attachments checked out, but you also want to make sure your back yard oasis is safe. Pool safety is more important to us here than pool fun. If a pool is safe, then the fun is enjoyed even more.

The first layer of protection is your house. Make sure doors and windows are locked and any and all alarms are installed and operational. Check those doors and windows every day.

The area between the house and the pool is of great concern simply because it requires continuous Adult supervision. (Notice the word “adult” is in all caps)
Adults, only, should be responsible for supervising in and around the pool. Consider installing a safety fence or gates around the pool. Motion-sensored lights, and maybe even a camera/baby monitor is a good defense as well. Also, keep hanging tree limbs and pool furniture from being too close to the pool. If you have backyard appliances, or wired electronics, they should be at lease 6 ft. or more away from the water.

The pool itself carries the greatest amount of risk, and also requires continuous Adult supervision. Installing a pool alarm is a great way to be alerted if a sudden disturbance occurs along the pool’s surface. Also make sure the pool area is equipped with emergency equipment (i.e. life rings, life hook, telepole, first aid kit, and maybe even an outdoor telephone). Never leave kids, or even pets unsupervised while they are in and around the pool. If you need to go into the house, bring them with you. Even if you think you will be away for only a second or two. A pool emergency happens in seconds.

Taking every, safety first, steps when in and around the pool will definitely make this and every swim season that much more enjoyable.