Being the responsible pool owner you are, you are following your normal routine of at least once per week emptying your pump basket. After tightening the lid and turning the pump back on you notice no water is running through the pump. Understanding that most pumps installed on swimming pools are self-priming, there is always a reason your pump will not catch prime that you need to identify. For example, if the pump lid is not all the way tightened down (remember not to over tighten). Check the lid o-ring for cracks, debris, or indentations, if any of these are present, replace the 0-ring. Even if you left the lid off for too long, this allows the pipes to flood with air and makes it more difficult to prime. There are other reason such as suction leaks that may be causing the problem as well. Once the problem has been identified and resolved it is time to prime the pump.

Here is a step by step procedure to priming your pump after any challenges are resolved.

1. With the pump turned off, open the pump lid
2. Turn off suction valves leaving only one suction line open. (if you have a spa it is usually easiest to leave the spa line open.
3. Run garden hose water into pump for 2 mins. (pump will most likely overflow, this is ok as what you are doing is flooding the line with water.)
4. This is the important part…After the 2 mins is up, as fast as yo can, pull the hose out, put the lid on and turn on the pump. THEN you can turn off the garden hose. This is important because once you take the hose out, air can get back into the line if you are not quick enough.
5. Once the pump has re-primed, SLOWLY open the suction valves one at a time. Air from the lines can cause you to loose prime again, so normally closing the line you just opened and giving it a minute will allow the pump to restart.

Congratulations, you just primed a pump!!!

These tech tips are brought to you by Swim Clear Pool