The swimming pool is now covered and you are now ready for Fall…Or are you? Depending on the type of swimming pool winter cover you are using, there are some accessories you might need. Most winter covers must use some type of tie down to hold the cover in place and not allow leaves to get under it. Most homeowners use water tubes to do so. Choosing between the single tube and the double tube to me is an easy choice. Here is a simple concept, if you have a single tube and it breaks (and it will eventually) what is going to hold the cover up? At least with a double tube if one side breaks the other should hold until you can replace it.

A side from the water tubes, another thing to think about is a cover pump. Now as discussed in previous posts, the mesh cover will allow water to pass through it but with the solid cover, water will just pool up on it and become a nice haven for mosquitoes, algae etc. Cover submersible pumps are easy to use and can make removal of the water quick. Most cover pumps attach to a garden hose and you pump the water to where you want too.

One other item that while is mostly used in above ground pools , I have found to be beneficial under all pool covers is an air pillow. The Air pillow sits under the swimming pool winter cover in the center of the pool. What is so beneficial about it is that all the leaves, water and debris go to the edge of the cover making it very accessible to get out. Understand that larger pools may need more than one the be truly effective.
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