Winter has hit North Texas and temperatures are dropping below the freezing point is there anything I need to do? This is a common question and whether you are a do it your self-pool owner or use a maintenance company there are a few thing you should know and check when the temperature is about to fall. My recommendation is.

The most important step to take when we are about to hit freezing temperatures is to ensure your pool equipment is running properly without any air or water leaks. Leaks either air or water leaks typically only get worst and are what causes a system to loose circulation. Lack of water circulation whether caused by a leak or maybe the pump is just turned off is when freeze damage can occur.

Step two would be to ensure your pool equipment is running when temps are below freezing. Many pools are equipped with a “freeze guard” which automatically turns on your pool equipment when the temperatures fall below a set point giving a homeowner a sense of security. If you do not have one just make sure your pool equipment is running when the temp is below 32. Can these freeze guards be added to an existing pool? Absolutely, e-mail me and I will tell you how, after all, it is only when you leave for out of town that a cold front comes through and your not protected. Remember, even though you have a freeze guard on your system it should be check prior to the first cold snap.

Step three is to relax. Temperatures in DFW do not drop low enough to cause any harm as long as your pool equipment is turned on a running appropriately while freezing.

Remember these are just recommendations to help answer some of those swimming pool questions. For any service needs in the North Dallas area or product needs please contact us. Hope this helps you.