Finally past the freezing temperatures “we hope” and into some warm weather, it time to start thinking about routine Spring maintenance/start-ups. It is always a good idea to start early so you can enjoy your swimming pool when the time is right.

Eight steps to help you get started:
1. Check all pool equipment for leaks. A proper equipment pad should be dry and no air in the system.
2. Lubricate all o-rings including Lid, backwash valve, etc.
3. With sand filters, open to check sand quality and level.
4. With DE filters, it is a good time to take the filter a part, clean and inspect the grids. If you are following Swim Clear Pool Supply’s time line March is the month to do it.
5. With cartridge filters open, clean and check cartridges for damage or wear.
6. Start and test all equipment pad equipment. Test the spa blower, Heater, Lights, etc.
7. Take the pool cleaner out of the water to check for wearing parts and replace as necessary
8. Do a full water balance test and make appropriate adjustments

Finding the opportunity now can save you time and money later!