This is a message to all the swimming pool owners trying to save a buck.

Pool chemicals are pool chemicals so it does not matter where I buy them from right?

This could not be further from the truth. Here is an examples of this. Recently a customer was trying to find out why they kept having algae in their pool. When they let me know where they received there chemicals from it was obvious. This particular “Big Box” retailer had a watered down version of the chemicals needed. Their Calcium Hypochlorite (shock) had a 45% available chlorine. The normal out there is 60-65% and higher from the smaller retail shops.

So whats the difference, all you have to do is add extra right? With that thought process, where did your cost savings go and secondly what is in the remaining 55%. The remaining 55% is calcium and fillers that saturate a swimming pool causing a need to drain the swimming pool earlier than it should have been.

understand, it does not stop with the shock, tablets and most other chemicals are the same. Our suggestion to you is to do your homework when it comes to chemical shopping and not just buy the cheapest but go for quality.